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The Problem with Big Coffee Companies

4. Customer Service

If you've ever visited a coffee shop (or any retail store for that matter) you may have noticed that the majority of the employees are usually college students. You walk in, wait in line and when it's time for you to order, you get rung up by a kid in his teens who does not look happy to see you. Staring at you with a blank face he or she asks you what you'd like to order in a monotone voice -- "Can I help you?" Obviously, they'd rather be at home scrolling through Instagram than taking orders from a stranger. 

Either way you ignore it and move on with life only to find that the medium Iced Caramel Machiatto that you ordered was delivered to you way too milky. So now you're annoyed and running late to work (and probably giving them the same look the lady above is giving the employee). This predicament happens on the daily! After all, all the college kid has to do is the bare minimum and still get paid. Any companies number one responsibility is always great customer service, but when you have someone just working to get by, that can provide a bad customer experience for you. Ultimately, causing you to whip out your phone, opening up Yelp and furiously typing a bad review practically cracking the screen.

3. The Rising Price of Coffee

Why does it cost more for coffee at your local coffee shop than it does at your local supermarket? And why do you think you're overpaying? Truth be told, you're not paying for the quality of the coffee. Especially with big coffee brands like Dunkin' Donuts, Tim Hortons and Starbucks. In all actuality you are paying for the experience. Big companies like this focus more on the customer experience than the actual quality itself (we'll get into this a little later), which is great but only 50% there.

When you were first introduced to coffee it was likely you just wanted to experience and taste it rather than Google search "what's the best coffee to try?" And more than likely you went to a big chain company. You enjoyed the experience and became a fan ever since. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, you probably didn't give yourself the chance to try other coffee companies in the market. Or you're an 'experience shopper' and enjoy walking in the cafe, plugging in your laptop to finish up on some work while smelling that coffee bean aroma lingering in the air.

If you enjoy coffee for these reasons then more power to you, my friend, but if you really love coffee and don't care about the things just mentioned... why pay more? You'd be saving yourself a whole lot of money brewing at home!

2. Quality

It's no secret that big chain companies can't keep up with quality the bigger they get. Some companies like Chic-Fil-A have very strict rules to those who want to open up a franchise, and that's because they don't want to jeopardize the taste of their product. That is exactly one of the reasons why In-N-Out Burger is only on the west coast. In-N-Out is notoriously known for their delicious and hard to resist burgers. They're are a company who focuses heavy on product and for good reason.

Too many companies today are focused more on growth — risking the quality of their product. Another big issue with quality is the baristas who make your coffee because who knows what kind of coffee they prefer more than you do? Unless you're a regular and your barista knows you by name, there's a chance you won't get the coffee how you really wanted it. 

The best way to get the best quality out there is to experiment and make your own. Don't just try different brands at your local supermarket and online, try to whip up those fancy White Chocolate Mochas, Iced Americanos, Caramelized cold brews etc. until you make it just how you like it. If you love coffee then it should be made the way YOU like it.

1. Pollution

Here at Black Mamba Coffee we focus heavy on the Earth and quality of the coffee just as much as we focus on YOU. Do you know what happens once you throw away your cup of coffee? And do you know what it's actually made of? Well first, the interior of your Cup of Joe is made up of Polyethylene which is makes it water proof and also able to hold your drink together. These cups are non-recyclable and will take thousands of years to finally break down. And guess how many of these cups are thrown away each year? 2.5 Billion!

Now, you're probably thinking. "Well, I only drink iced coffee so these cups don't apply to me." I really hate to ruin your fun but those straws that you drink your Iced Coffee with are an even bigger problem than hot coffee cups. In the United States alone, about 500 million straws are used Every. Single. Day. As a company and as a human being you can see why I encourage making your own pot at home. Imagine how fresher our air will be and how many fish and lives we'll save just by purchasing a coffee maker.

Don't get me wrong, it will not completely stop pollution but it is a huge step forward in the right direction. And not all coffee makers are angels either... single serve cups (K-cups) are also harmful to the earth. The best thing to do is look for coffee brands that have recyclable, compostable and biodegradable coffee bags/single serve pods. 

 Here at Black Mamba Coffee we go the Earth-Friendly route. At 60% compostable and 40% biodegradable our coffee bags and coffee (top 5-7% in the world) are great for the environment. No plastic straws, no non-recyclable coffee cups or harmful single serve pods.110% for the Earth, from the Earth. Feel free to check out our coffee today and receive 10% off your first order with coupon code WELCOME

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  • I definitely vouche for the way Black Mamba Coffee does they’ business their coffee cups are compostable I like that they changed around.

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