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5 Very Unique Ways You Can Re-Use Your Coffee Grounds!

So, I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve read about this or heard about recycling your coffee grounds and re-using it to your own advantage. But have you tried it? There a multiple benefits to re-using your coffee grounds and today I'll be going over them with you.

Compost Your Grounds

Of course, composting is definitely our number one go to. Coffee grounds are a sustainable addition to your compost heap because it contains high nitrogen content that enriches the soil and improves plant growth. You can also use a compostable coffee filter and dispose of it all at once. Just like us, earthworms love coffee so don’t be surprised if the compost in your garden is swarming with worms. This is actually called 'vermicomposting.' I'll be going over some fun unique ways to re-use your coffee grounds that you may have never heard of before.

Facial Hair

Getting ready for Halloween or Cosplay? Instead of creating a fake beard with make up or buying one straight from a store, how about a more realistic look! It’s easy to do. Just heat up some honey (make sure it’s not burning hot) either in your microwave or stove and apply it to your face in which ever beard style you are going for and smear your dried coffee grounds over the honey.


Need some extra flavor? Who would of thought coffee grounds can boost up the flavoring in your cooking. When baking your favorite dessert such as cookies, brownies, chocolate cake - adding coffee grounds intensifies the taste. Are you familiar with marinating your meat with coffee grounds? It tenderizes the meat giving it a nice caramelized crust that seals in the moisture of the meat when the coffee grounds encounters high heat, giving your meat that perfect flavored spice that infuses your taste buds.

Long Lasting Coffee Aroma

Ahhhh, that fresh smell of coffee brewing in the morning! Don’t you wish that aroma can stay? Well, there is a way! You can make my your own coffee scented candle. There are various ways of making your DYI coffee candle.

You’ll need a couple of materials to get started:
  1. Coffee beans
  2. Tea light candles
  3. Candle holder/glass container

This is one of the easiest ways to get your home smelling like coffee in an instant. Get your freshest coffee bean to begin:

Follow these directions: First, pour your coffee beans into your desired candle holder/ glass container (make sure to leave room for your tea light candle). Secondly, place your tealights into the coffee, make sure your tealight candle is sitting above the coffee beans, that is also covered around the candle. Lastly, light it up and enjoy the coffee smelling freshness.

Now for my favorite DYI coffee candle, there’s a couple more materials needed and a couple more steps.

You’ll need:

  • Soy wax flakes
  • Candle wicks (1 will do)
  • Coffee beans or dry grounds (your choice of flavor/scent)
  • A brown/tan crayon (you can use both colors if you please or keep the color of the soy wax)
  • Candle jar/glass container/mug

You’ll first need to melt your wax by using a sauce pan filled half way with boiling water (so please be careful when handling). You’ll place your heat resistant candle jar holder inside your saucepan and pour over your soy wax and stir with a wooden spoon preferably to ensure your wax is melting. At this point can you add your choice of crayola color brown or tan (or keep it simple with plain wax). Once you’ve noticed that your wax is melting you’ll want to have your candle wick glued down to your candle jar. At this time you can add your choice of coffee grounds and carefully start to pour over your wax mixture. Lastly, you’ll want to set your candle in a cool spot allowing it to harden. And there you have it -- your own DYI coffee candle. Light it up and enjoy! 

Facial & Body Scrubs

Let me let you in on one of the best DYI exfoliating coffee/coconut bar scrubs! It can be use in both your face and body.

What I love about this project is that you can get fancy with it and do your own thing! You can add your favorite scented essential oils to your favorites coffee scent. Also its an all natural way to pamper yourself.

For starters you’ll need:

  1. Coffee grounds (you can save your morning coffee ground and allow them to dry over a couple of days by placing them in a container where you can stir the grounds to allow the drying process. Do not cover the container with a lid, you’ll need to allow the grounds to dry). Now if you don’t want to wait, freshly grounded coffee beans will work just fine.
  2. Coconut oil (now I’m not giving how much is needed because preferably it’s your choice depending on what you’ll be using to store your bars).
  3. Vanilla essential oil, lavender essential oils, Shea butter (optional).
  4. Soap mold, ice cube tray or muffin pan or jar.

Once you have all of your items, you’ll take the container of your choice and add both of your ingredients - your coconut oil, your coffee grounds then start your mixture. You can either heat up your mixture in the microwave or stir it with a wooden spoon until the coconut has melted over the coffee grounds. Combine the oil mixture with your choice of essential oil (remember it is only optional). Once you’ve completed everything, you’ll place the container in the freezer allowing it to freeze completely before using.

How to use:

When using the bar/scrub on your face you want to make sure you have removed any makeup. You’ll then rub your coffee coconut oil scrub and start to exfoliate while rinsing away with warm water then pat dry and apply your desired moisturizer.

When applying it on your body use your scrub/bar in the shower so you can be sure to rinse off the coffee grounds. Rub over your entire body in a circular motion to exfoliate. After the shower allow the coconut oil to absorb on the skin before getting dressed. Your skin will then be fresh looking and silky smooth! 

And just like that these 5 ways are sure to benefit you at home.

I hope you enjoyed all these tips as much as I do. Please feel free to comment about these tips I’ve provided.

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