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5 Eco-Friendly Social Media Accounts You Can Follow Today!

Social Media has taken the world by storm for more than 10 years already. From Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest down to Tumblr, Social Media is something that's unavoidable whether you love or hate it. But not everything on Social Media is negative. It always depends on who YOU follow. 

More than likely your friends/followers list is full of family and friends (and maybe some cliche inspirational quotes you follow). I know it can get tiresome watching all your friends and family shoot 15 second videos of them at a club or showing off what they just ate for brunch, which is why I personally decided to follow social accounts that really resonate with me. Accounts that occasionally keep me away from the 'norm' and really have value in my eyes.

So, I gathered up my 5 favorite Eco-friendly social media accounts that you can follow today just to spice up your account a bit:

Easy Eco Tips

Want to go green ? not sure how, or where, and what to do to start ?

We have an easy page you can follow! ... Easy Eco Tips lets you in on what can be done and what has been done. This account is fun and informative. Giving you factorial did you knows? 



This instagram account is showing us our daily consumption uses of plastic, and giving us the choice to reuse. Just like us they are not asking for perfection but just showing us how when we make just small efforts and change the greater good in the outcome in which we put out into the world. They provide sustainable products for a waste-free future. All of their posts give us insights on how little we know about single use products consuming our planet/home, as well as how much damage and waste goes into our oceans affecting all animals. They offer tips on how we can reuse a single use item at home and give it a new purpose. Follow Rechusable and be more aware of plastic uses. 


Want to make more natural and waste free  purchases and not sure where to start?

Well start here! the Zero Waste Store offers and introduces us to wonderful waste free product that we all indeed need and use everyday. From vegan hand soap, dish washing soap, to natural and organic deodorant, even pet products that are waste free and natural free, I mean have you ever wonder how much longer it takes for your plastic poop scoop bag to break down when it is contained in non compostable plastic bags? ... Where it most likely will end up in a landfill and due to the lack of oxygen which some never breakdown .The Zero Waste Store offers plant based poop scoop bags, and eco friendly poop scoop bags that rid you of those guilty feelings you probably have since using a single use plastic bags seems more convenient. Well enough about poop maters, They also offer shampoo and conditioner bars, body bars all made of natural delicious ingredients. I can go on and on about their marvelous waste free products, how abo

ut you just go and check them out for yourself ;)!


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