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The Problem with Big Coffee Companies

by Jorge Robinson

Why does it cost more for coffee at your local coffee shop than it does at your local supermarket? And why do you think you're overpaying? Truth be told, you're not paying for the quality of the coffee. 

In all actuality you are paying for the experience. Big companies usually focus more on the customer experience than the actual quality itself.

How to Become Your Own Barista at Home

by Marnel Liriano
One of the main reasons why I purchased my own coffee maker was because I would get frustrated with the way baristas will make my coffee, and I'm sure they did too. I don’t know about you but I’m very picky when it comes to getting my perfect cup of coffee...

How African Coffee is Made — The Best Coffees in the World Today!

by Jorge Robinson

Countries in East Africa are known to produce the best coffee beans because of the perfect climates.

Having that "peanut butter & jelly" relationship or that "Batman & Robin" duo, it's almost as if Mother Nature herself intended for coffee to be planted in Africa. The coffees are so smooth and acid-free you'll be able to chug them down like juice.

Read more to see how African coffee is made and why people love it so much!

5 Eco-Friendly Social Media Accounts You Can Follow Today!

by Marnel Liriano

Social Media has taken the world by storm for more than 10 years already. From Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest down to Tumblr, Social Media is something that's unavoidable whether you love or hate it.

But not everything on Social Media is negative. It always depends on who YOU follow. 

So in this blog we'll be going over our 5 favorite social media accounts we feel may provide you some value.

5 Very Unique Ways You Can Re-Use Your Coffee Grounds!

by Marnel Liriano

There a multiple benefits to re-using your coffee grounds that can benefit your everyday life. We begin with our most obvious -- composting.

We also found some other unique and fun ways we know you'll love and put to good use! 

Take a few minutes reading through our blog and please feel free to leave a comment at the end. 

Composting 101: The Things You Need to Know & Why You Need to Know Them!

by Marnel Liriano

Recycling has become a huge success!

Everywhere you go, from your local grocery store to the garage bins on your community street.

People have gotten used to throwing things out the eco-friendlier way.

But What about composting?! ... Do you compost?